Career-Building Marketing for Professional Authors

Every author has a unique voice and point of view. I help you discover your just-right strategy and easy-to-implement practices to grow your audience.

Every author has a unique voice and point of view, and there is no right way to market your books.  I help you discover and implement the just-right strategy and practices that will grow your audience and save your sanity.

Your Marketing Plan, Simplified

Your Marketing Plan, Simplified

The Author's Personal Marketing Plan

This plan is ideal for authors who want to run their own marketing, but need to know where to start.

A personal marketing plan differs from the publisher's one-time marketing plan for launching a book. Together, we'll establish your unique author brand and personal strategy to build your audience over the span of your career. 

This service includes two 45-minute sessions and a written marketing plan.

  • Step 1: A 45-minute session about your goals and current efforts
  • Step 2: We deliver a personalized marketing plan outlining our recommendations for where you need to focus your energy and detailed steps that you can take immediately.
  • Step 3: A second 45-minute session to review your plan after you've had a chance to test it. We'll answer your questions and point you to any additional resources you require. 

The current price of the service is $750.

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Be Ready for Pub Day!

Be Ready for Pub Day!

Author Platform Setup

This plan is ideal for authors who want their marketing platform to be set up for them.

Everything you need to get started. We'll optimize your website, trouble-shoot (or set up) your social media and automate your social media.

This includes a written marketing plan, as described above, based on your objectives and target audience.

  • Optimization/Creation of your website
    • Review of your existing website and recommended changes  
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis of your site
  • Setup of email newsletter in Mailchimp
    • Create newsletter account 
    • Add sign-up form to your website and social media
    • Set up your welcome email and email stationery
    • Create a newsletter plan for you
  • Social media audit
    • Recommendations for social media activity, based on your goals
    • Setup and optimization of either
      • Facebook/Instagram
      • Twitter/Medium
      • Instagram/Pinterest
      • LinkedIn/Twitter
  • Setup/Audit of book-specific social media
    • Goodreads
    • Bookbub
    • Amazon Author Central
  • Setup and creation of social media automation 
    • Includes two months of weekly social media management/posting
    • Setup of Facebook/Instagram advertising

Current price: $2,750

+Add on a website: $950 (5-page site in SquareSpace)
+Social media management: from $250/month

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We've Got You! Full Marketing Support

We've Got You! Full Marketing Support

This plan is ideal for authors who would like someone to handle their marketing for them.

For authors whose time is best spent writing! We offer full marketing support services for busy authors. With this service, my team and I will implement and run your social media marketing for six months, based on the plan we have created for you.

This service includes:

  • Everything included in the marketing and setup plans above, plus
  • A monthly newsletter—formatting and sending
  • Ongoing website optimization with monthly updates
  • A monthly coaching session or service call with one of our team of experts: SEO experts, public speaking consultants, publicists, social media managers
  • A weekly social media plan and posting of your original content via a social automation tool (such as MeetEdgar, Tailwindapp, or Buffer)
  • Ongoing optimization of social channels
  • Limited social media interaction, including thanking and liking followers
  • Recommendations for promotions and giveaways
  • Recommendations for opportunities to grow your audience
  • Support for publisher promotions
  • Attendance at up to three marketing meetings via phone or in person in NYC as needed

Current price: $1,650/month (six-month minimum)

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