Personal Marketing for Professional Authors

Every author has a unique voice and point of view. I help you discover your just-right strategy and easy-to-implement practices to grow your audience.

Every author has a unique voice and point of view.  I help you discover and implement the just-right strategy and practices that will grow your audience and save your sanity.


Cover the Basics

The Author's Personal Marketing Plan

A personal marketing plan differs from the publisher's one-time marketing plan for launching a book. Together, we'll work to establish the groundwork for your unique author brand and personal strategy to build your audience over the span of your career. 

We start with a 30-minute session to evaluate your current marketing efforts, your expectations about publishing, and your publisher’s approach. We'll identify your goals, and sketch out a marketing plan that meets your immediate needs and suits your style and temperament.

In a second 1-hour session you'll receive a personalized marketing plan outlining recommendations for where you need to focus your energy, and detailed steps that you can take immediately to move your marketing efforts in the right direction. The current price of the service is $750.

Dive Deep

Author Success Coaching

Practice makes perfect, and it's easier to master the ropes of personal marketing practice working with a coach!

Success coaching includes two months of intensive training and setup to make sure all of your systems are "go" and you know how to drive them!

  • Weekly personalized training via phone/online meeting
  • Weekly personalized social media to-do lists
  • Technical trouble-shooting and setup for your social media, email newsletter, and personal website 

Current price: $2,750

- Or -

Author's Personal Marketing Team

For authors whose time is best spent writing! We offer full marketing support services for busy authors. With this service, my team and I will implement and run your social media marketing for six months based on the plan we have created for you.

This service includes:

  • A monthly newsletter formatting and sending
  • Ongoing website optimization
  • A weekly social media plan and posting of your original content
  • Ongoing optimization of social channels
  • Limited social media interaction, including thanking and liking followers
  • Recommendations for promotions and giveaways
  • Recommendations for opportunities to grow your audience.
  • Support for publisher promotions
  • Attendance at up to three marketing meetings via phone in person in NYC as needed
  • Monthly reporting

Current price: $1,650/month (six month minimum)