About Julie Trelstad

Julie Trelstad

Book Publishing is a weird industry.

It’s not like normal businesses. With more than 4,000 books published daily, there are too many books and not enough readers! I don’t know anyone who complains that they can’t find anything to good to read. As consumer products, books are cheap, and libraries lend them out for free. As publishers, we’re competing for reader’s time and attention rather than money.

My first job out of school was as an editor at Progressive Architecture magazine. There, I learned that I liked reading and writing about architecture even more than I liked drawing. I was the editor of The Not So Big House at the Taunton Press, and the Editor in charge of 10th Edition of Architectural Graphic Standards at John Wiley & Sons. Since then I've worked at many publishers, large and small.

I love technology too, and I've always been an early adopter. At Wiley I made CD-ROMs in the 1990s, which made me a digital publishing pioneer. (We actually though people would pay much more for an ebook than they would for print, and we sold our digital editions for over $200!) In 2004, I learned about Print-on-Demand technology and founded the Plain White Press, which published books and card decks for busy women. The Press had national distribution and won several awards before I sold it to Fox Chapel Publishing in 2010.

Since that time, I've been helping authors with their publishing businesses, including websites and online platform creation and development. Most recently I did this in-house as Director of Digital Rights at Writers House, a literary agency. I’m also the founder of 82 Stories, a publishing services and education firm.

- Julie Trelstad, Founder and CEO