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The Right Way to Prepare a Manuscript for Submission

Don’t use fancy formatting when your manuscript is bound for publication. Production editors will clean Word files as the first step of the process.
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The Four Author Profiles You Need to Set Up Today

One of the easiest and most effective tasks to knock off your marketing to-do list is to claim and set up your author profiles at the major book networks. Goodreads, Amazon Author Pages, BookBub, and LibraryThing all offer tremendous benefits just for showing up!
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Social Media Doesn’t Sell Books. So Why Bother?

Social media might not sell books directly, but the repetition may well influence a book buyer's decision next time they are shopping for books. And, a strong social presence does help you bring readers to your website and make them more likely to sign up for your e-mail newsletter.
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The 3 Types of Books Reviews: Why They Matter and How to Get Them

Getting books reviews is no longer a one-way street. Here are three types of book reviews and how to get them.
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What Authors Can Learn from Paulo Coehlo’s Social Media

Paulo Coehlo, international best-selling author of The Alchemist has a social media presence worth emulating.
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What to Consider When You're Choosing Your Just-Right Social Network

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, or Instagram? Which platform is best to build your author business?
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Your Editor is Just Having a Bad Day

Writers often start imagining that they’ve offended their editor, or worse, that their editors don’t like them, but that thinking is counterproductive.
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What’s the Number One Reason Most People Buy a Book?

The answers are predictable and usually wrong.
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Why You Should Check on your Metadata Once in a While

The publisher's Metadata tells the marketplace what it needs to know about your book. Is your's telling the right story?
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How Marketing a Book is Like Writing One

If marketing your book were more like writing it, would it change the way you approach social media?
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Control What You Can, Let the Rest Go

There are so many things that authors can't control about the publishing industry, but there are few things that they can.
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