Have you written a book? What's next?

Hi, I'm Julie Trelstad! I'm a book publishing veteran in New York (by way of Kansas). I've been working in the industry long enough that I my first digital projects were CD-ROMs.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the rise of e-book self-publishing, and new data available about online audiences and buying habits have been enormous boons to authors who wish to connect with their readers. But it's not easy to use these tools effectively. 

I started Julie Ink to fill in the gaps in the publishing industry to meet the challenges that new and emerging technologies present for authors and publishing professionals. 

For Authors

I specialize in working with authors who are traditionally-published and want to get the most out of working with agents, publishers, and booksellers. provide a unique and exceptional service for book authors: through workshops and individual coaching I teach you how to create a stellar author platform. We start with identifying your unique author brand. Then I give you clear tools and strategies for bringing your book and your vision to the widest audience possible without suggesting that you spend your days on social media or spend a fortune on ads. 

For Publishers & Agencies

I can help you help your authors! I provide custom author training programs and marketing consulting for publishers and imprints. 

Books Don't Speak for Themselves

Our Services

Book Publishing Services

We can create custom book publishing solutions for experts and speakers who prefer to control the publishing process. 

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Writing is your first priority. I aim to help you find the marketing practice that best supports your talents and goals.

— Julie Trelstad